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„Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Smiling is proved to have a beneficial effect on our spiritual balance. A perfect and healthy smile lends us self-confidence, and helps its “maker” in making personal contacts while advantages in all areas of one’s life. A perfect smile, we think, is nothing less than the key to successful and happy life.

The team of experts at iSmile, opened inBudapestin 2001 as a result of a thorough professional preparation of many years, believes that quality is accessible without compromises, and at reasonable prices. We believe that recovery takes place faster in comfortable circumstances. Moreover, we think that our environment deserves that we exercise our profession with due care.

Good is not enough – Our goal is to provide perfect quality

When we launched our clinic, our goal was, beyond applying state of the art available techniques, to ensure a comforting and cosy environment. We created a (living) space where everyone who visits us can feel at home, paying attention to contemporary trends of interior architecture by closely collaborating with architect-designer Miklós Péterffy.

Caring for You and the environment

Care does not commence in the dentist’s chair, and does not finish with treatment either. We have painstakingly planned each detail, including the working processes, of our clinic’s operation. At the same time we believe that our environment deserves the same attention that we pay to our patients.

As part of our guiding principle, we have opted for natural materials that least of all encumber the environment. Furthermore, we equipped our rooms with state of the art technologies available on the market.

Environmentally conscious operation in all areas

Our digital X-ray machine exerts less radiation burden on the human organism than traditional ones by 90 pc. What is more, the digital processing of images makes it possible to do away with all the toxic chemicals used in analog film development.

Perfect hygiene and cleanliness are necessary at a clinic, but it is not all the same regarding our environment how to achieve them. Instead of using traditional materials that burden the environment, we sterilize our devices with high-temperature steam, and they are disposed into tempered and recycled packages at the end of the treatment process.

Perfect hygiene demands us to use disposable hand towels at our clinic. However, wherever possible, we reuse our medical textiles, sparing our environment of hundreds of bags of waste. As regards washing and cleaning materials, we also exclusively use the ones that are made of natural ingredients burdening the environment to the least extent.

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Technology for Your health

At our clinic we apply state of the art solutions currently available when it comes to environmental consciousness, the immediate preparation of dental protheses or x-ray examinations that may badly affect our organism to a lesser degree. Consequently, it is needless to say that during our treatments we have totally abstained from applying amalgam fillings that had been used for decades but later proved harmful to health.
Thanks to our Varios Combi Pro, it is also possible to gently and effectively remove tartar in a few minutes up to half an hour in our practice, thus protecting your teeth from the risk of damage.

Versatile treatments by experts in aesthetic and restorative dentistry

Other than providin up-to-date conservative, restorative and aesthetic treatments, iSmile conducts dental surgery covering the full spectrum eith the contribution of experienced specialists who have achieved outstanding progessional results. Hence, experts operating in specific fields of profession are of course in our team as well. Our clinic provides full help in the fields of childrens’ dentistry, oral surgeries or orthodontia, be it consultations, treatments or even giving advice on dental and oral hygiene.

Besides conserving their teeth for the longest possible time, our dentists help our patients putting their years-long experience in the field of implantology at the service of your shining and healthy smile.


Children’s’ dentistry: ”The dentist is your friend.”

The preparation for the long-term preservation of permanent teeth starts in childhood. Learning proper dental care, and regular screening pay off as years pass by. It is also integral to our mission to visit children’s institutions to hold tutorials on dental care or conduct free screening.

It is not the same whether our kids or the possible dental intervention causes too much of a psychic strain for children and their parents alike. For the sake of counterweighting this, our experienced and friendly female colleagues assist your child to develop lifelong positive experiences.

Lasting smile granted

Depending on the type of treatment, we offer a 3 to 36 month warranty on our pieces of work. We issue a warranty card on each treatment which contains the terms of taking out the warranty incidentally (i.e. control on a yearly basis in case of longer-term treatments). We give precedential guidance to our patients on concrete treatments regarding the duration as well as terms of warranty